Egyptian Thalassaemia Association

The Egyptian Thalassemia Association was established in 1990 to deliver quality comprehensive care to the growing number of thalassemia patients in the Egypt. The Association foresters a comprehensive program designed to provide primary and tertiary care along with education, outreach, genetic counseling, and psychosocial care to patients, their families and those at risk for carrying the disease. Help in creating Thalassemia centers in Cairo and other Egyptian Governorates. Member of the TIF in 1992. Members are the medical staff of our center together with doctors and professor from other Egyptian centers – patients and their parents – VIP persons. Chairman is Prof. Amal El-Beshlawy.


To improved quality of life and survival to thalassemia patients and their families in Egypt

Goals of ETA:

Increase the Doctors Awareness of Thalassemia in Egypt by Lectures, Booklets, and Scientific Meetings.
Help in Creating Thalassemia Centers in CAIRO and other Governorates.
Social and Medical Support to the Patients and their Families.

Resources: Mainly donation Personal and Non Governmental Organizations