Activities and Services :

Institutions Responsible for Thalassemia Care In Egypt

1-University Hospitals (Mainly Cairo University & Ain Shams).

2-The Egyptian Thalassaemia Association (ETA).

3- Ministry of Health

   • School Medical Insurance.

   • The Medical Council.

   • New Centers of Thalassaemia promoted by Mrs. SUSAN MUBARAK

4-The Egyptian Red Crescent Society Centers.

Activities For the Physicians 

  • Scientific Meetings.
  • Support the development of Thalassemia Associations in different Governorates of Egypt
  • Participates in the training programs to the physician in the new thalassemic centers of Egypt.
  • Sponsors regularly international conferences and workshops on thalassaemia in Egypt.
  • Population awareness of the disease through the mass media.
  • Printing Booklets on Thalassemia Diagnosis and Treatment Distributed to Doctors  in Different  Egyptian Governorates in 1996.
  • Training on Thalassemia Diagnosis and Management for the Doctors Responsible for Severe Thalassemia Centers in Cairo Ordered by Our First Lady Suzan Mubarak .
  • Scientific Meeting on Thalassemia in El  Fayoum City.
  • Scientific meetings and promotion for the development of Thalassemia Centers in Zagazig & Benha, Cairo Hospitals, EL Fayoum, Helwan, etc.

Activities For the Patients.                                

  • Improve the patients and parents awareness of the disease treatment and  prevention through booklets and meetings.
  • Financial and social support to the patients.
  • Help     in     the     prenatal     diagnosis     of thalassaemia for the pregnant mothers.
  • Regular financial and social support to the patients.
  • Participates in managing Thalassemics in the schools through the Medical Insurance
  • Support all the different modalities of treatment (blood, vaccination, DFO pumps… etc.
  • Increases the awareness of the patients and their families to the disease and its treatment.
  • Participates in the management of thalassemic students of different Egyptian Governorates (MIS).
  • It Participates in the Management of School Children suffering from Thalassemia through the Medical Insurance for Schools.
  • Establishing a Prenatal Diagnostic Center in Abou El Rish Hospital
  • Continuous supply of the Desferal, syringes and butterfly needles.
  • Booklets   on  the  disease   and   its management.

Ministerial Decree No. 60 in 20/3/1999.

  • Employment of Graduated and non-graduated  after rehabilitation thalassaemics and SCD patients in Governmental and Private Jobs by 5% of the total needed for the Job