The Egyptian Thalassemia Association (ETA)

Born in 1990 in Children’s Hospital of Cairo University (Abou El-Rish).
The members are from :
  1. Hematology clinic staff.
  2. Prof. & Consultants from other hospitals.
  3. Young doctors & specialist.
  4. Patients & their families.
  5. Political, Donors and Social Public Personnel

President of the Association

Prof. Amal El Beshlawy        Brief C.V.

Vice President of the Association

Prof. Normin Kaddah

Secretary General

Mr. Selim Negm


Consultant Aly Makhlouf

Members of the board

Prof. Mona El Tagui (Drug Affair)

Prof . Mona Hamdy                (Pharmacy Director)

Prof. Elham Yossry

Prof. Lamis Ragab

Prof. Somia El Gowhary 

Consultant Magdi El Ekiaby  (Transfusion affair)

Consultant Naglaa Omar (Pharmacy affair)

Consultant Khaled Abd El Azim

Mr Kromer Beshara (parent )

Mrs Manal Safwat (patient)

Mrs Manal Zaatar(parent)